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   Chris Bianco and Earthansong Records are proud to announce the release of REFLECTIONS our thirteenth CD-album. REFLECTIONS is upbeat pop/rock Raucous and rowdy, but with deeply meaningful and thought-provoking poetry transformed into song lyrics with volumes of non-conformist and unconventional social commentary imbedded throughout the musical depths. Music that rocks & rivets but also sometimes slides & glides; lyrics reflecting the art of thinking freely without limitations about near everything that really matters; powerful concepts espousing renewed perspectives and ways of influencing the world... FAIR WARNING NOTICE: REFLECTIONS may seem rather dangerous to dogmatic, conventional thinkers stuck in some broken old bronze-age model of reality. Better engage your open mind before listening, and brace yourself for strong doses of today's reality served straight-up to an edgy beat!! Think you're ready for all of this? Then LOOK ME IN THE EYE with your inner light and let's consider some evolutionary FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Perhaps then maybe we'll venture our reflections out into the realm of freedom from religion because IT'S YOUR CHOICE after all... right? Dangerous thinking - you up for that? Okay, then let's speak intelligently about CLIMATE CHANGE, and think rationally about how we had BETTER CHANGE our ways now to build sustainability into our new reality. Scared yet? No? Good. Okay, now let's open wide our WONDERING EYES and explore some of those CHOICES AND CHANCES that some folks with vested interests in your ignorance would rob you of... oh yes, they are and they do. So, Brave Ones, let's get down to business and STUDY HARD, and find better ways of living here as Native Earthans on our One Earth Home. And above all, please - please, when teaching the bearers of our future TELL THEM THE TRUTH, the verifiable truth, okay? Listen up, you Shapers of Tomorrow; it's time to just get real now, clue-up, and lose the fantasy-hero/deity-gonna-miraculously-save-us syndrome and get yourself right with reality, pay attention... reflect, and get to it. Available now on CD or download from  CD Baby, iTunes, You Tube, Amazon, Napster, Spotify and all the usual music retailers and virtual listening booths.
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