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   Hi, Welcome to Earthan Song. We are one of the three record labels in the Earthan Workshop Music Publishing Family.  We (along with our sisters - Wildersong and Sailorsong) write, record, produce, publish, and promote original music that follows  theme-lines consistent with our charter.  We strive to offer intelligent music that thinking persons will want to listen to and share.  Our theme charter here at Earthan Song is focus on and offer quality music with meaningful lyrics that reflect and comment on our lifestyle choices and cultural currencies. 

   Sometimes we're a bit romancy - because we're all romantics at heart. Sometimes we're (r)evolutionary - because some things just need to be said and that can sometimes mean articulating unconventional ideas, and perhaps some uncomforting positions get expressed in song.   Sometimes we're just a bit dreamy and turn on our brightest lights and dream big right out loud.  Our intention is to discover, explore, and illuminate a rational and productive pathway through the fog into something resembling ecological sustainability, social equity, familial peace, and brotherly love. We identify ourselves primarily as "Earthans" - that being children and citizens of the Earth  (you are welcome to review our Credo).

  We welcome your open mind and open your heart, and we hope you enjoy the music.   

   ...with Love & Respect,

          All of us@earthansong.com


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